E EVEBYRA Natural Stiletto Fake Nails Sharp Ending pointy Nail Tips 500Pcs 10 Sizes for Nail Salon and DIY Nail Art

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E EVEBYRA Half Claw Nail Tips, provide you excellent manicure experience.
EVEBYRA 500pcs Half Claw Fake Nails with box are an professional set of nail tips, which provide 10 different sizes( 50pieces each size), fitting most nail types and convenient to organize. Our False Nails are made of healthy and environmental friendly material, no hare no toxic. Strong flexibility, comfortable touch, will not split, great gift for your girlfriend, mother, sisters and manicure lovers. Both suitable for Nail Salon and DIY Nail Art at home.
EVEBYRA devotes all energies to provide safe and comfortable manicure experience.

Color: Natural
Shape: Half Claw Nails
Package:Retail Bag 500pcs
Size:10 Sizes (50 tips each size)

★Why Choose Fake Nail Tips:
Nail tips give you the look of long nails without all the trouble of growing out your nails. They are easy to apply, so you do not need to make a trip to the salon. Just purchase some artificial nail tips and nail adhesive and you will be ready to start applying nail tips to your natural nails. Then, you can shape and decorate the nails however you like!

★How to Apply Nail Tips:
1.Applying the Nail Tip
(1)Gather your materials:
Nail tips
Nail adhesive gel
Nail clipper
Nail file

(2)Choose your nail tip size.
(3)Brush a layer of topcoat onto your natural nails.
(4)Apply the adhesive gel. 
(5)Press on the nail.

2.Trimming and Shaping the Nail
(1)Trim the nail.
(2)Bend the nail on the sides.
(3)Shape the nail. 

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