E EVEBYRA 50W UV LED Nail Lamp Dryer for Gel Nails with Whitening Function,3 Timer Setting,Automatic Sensor,LCD Screen-Fast Dry

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Product Specification:
LED Count:28 LEDs
24pcs 365nm + 395nm dual UV LED light beads
4pcs 660nm physiotherapy infrared light beads
Item Dimension:L203 * W186 * H116mm

Product Features:
·Dual UV LED Lights-24pcs 365+395nm dual UV LED lights beads to cure almost all
type of UV and LED nail gel polish.
·Unique Infrared Lights Source-4pcs 660nm physiotherapy red light source can
whiten your skin while curing the nails.
·3 Timer Setting & 2 Modes-Flexible to choose the time and mode according to the gel type.
·Backlight Indicator-Each function key has backlight indicator.No operation miss.
·Big LCD Display-Each working mode are displayed clearly on the big LCD display screen
·Safety-Non-harmful substances to human body.Reduce skin damage caused by UV exposure.
·FAST CURING-2X faster curing than traditional nail dryers, save more time.
·Ideal for personal and salon use

Package Include:
1)UV LED Nail Lamp 2)AC Power Cord

1)Please avoid any liquid into the machine in case any damage.
2)Please unplug the power adaptor when not in use.
3)Please do not leave the lamp on for more than 600 seconds in one use or it may reduce the lifetime of the lamp.

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